Phenom Health is a recognized leader in the health and wellness industry. The company produces dietary supplements that employ the highest standards of manufacturing. The supplements include Garcinia Clean XT, a thermogenic fat burner that helps people shed excess fat and achieve a lean and sculpted physique. The company beat first-quarter sales forecasts this year, largely due to recent Valentine’s Day promotions.

Garcinia Clean XTPhenom Health manufactures dietary supplements designed to help people maintain their health and well-being. The company’s passion is evident through their wide inventory of supplements that help people achieve optimal health. Phenom Health’s Garcinia Clean XT is an innovative weight loss product that harnesses the fat-burning potential of purified Garcinia Cambogia Extract, standardized to 60% hydroxy citric acid (HCA). Garcinia Clean XT can help facilitate better weight management, increased metabolic rate, appetite control, fat reduction, lower blood pressure levels, lower cholesterol, mood improvement, and stress relief.

The product’s chemical formulation can encourage the body to burn more calories, even when it is at rest. Instead of storing the calories as extra fat, Garcinia Clean XT converts food into energy for the body, which may result in a flatter tummy, trimmer arms, toned thighs, and greater overall muscle definition.

Phenom Health beat its sales forecast for the first quarter of the year, thanks to products like Garcinia Clean XT, which realized unprecedented sales volume, largely due to Valentine’s Day promotions. The deals helped make the product more affordable to people wanting to lose weight and have lean bodies in time for Valentine’s Day.

“As people emerge from winter and focus on getting in greater shape, they are often eager for supplements to help them lose weight efficiently,” said Tiffany Dawson, Vice President of Product Development for Phenom Health. “Our Valentine’s Day promotions for products like Garcinia Clean XT and other weight-loss supplements had a huge response and allowed us to beat our first quarter sales forecasts for this year.”