Garcinia Clean XT is manufactured by Phenom Health, a respected name in the health and wellness product industry. The company is known for its dietary supplements that are sourced from the highest quality ingredients. The company will launch a rebranding initiative, redesigning labels and packaging, to support a customer demographic that is quickly growing larger and more diverse.

Garcinia Clean XT

Phenom Health is passionate about safe supplements to help people achieve their health goals. Garcinia Clean XT is one of the company’s top-selling weight loss products. It uses the fat-burning powers of purified Garcina cambogia extract, which has been standardized to 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA). Garcinia Clean XT supports weight loss management, appetite control, fat reduction, metabolic rate, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, mood improvement, and stress relief. It helps spur the body to burn calories more efficiently, even when at rest.

Garcinia Clean XT works by converting the food people eat into energy, instead of storing it as fat. Garcinia Clean XT users report overall weight loss and improved muscle tone, including tighter arms, a flatter tummy, toned thighs, and overall muscular definition.

Garcinia Clean XT has reached a broader and more varied customer base in recent months. The current base cuts across different age groups, nationalities, and genders. To support this burgeoning diversity, the company will be rolling out packaging and marketing materials with broad appeal.

“It is exciting to consider the full range of people who have been changed by the weight loss and energy-boosting capabilities of Garcinia Clean XT,” said Tiffany Dawson, Vice President of Product Development for Beauty & Truth. “We have taken into account the interests and priorities of people from all walks of life in this new initiative.”