It’s National Dairy Month—a great excuse to enjoy the wonders of dairy products. Many people who want to lose weight are hesitant to drink milk or consume other dairy products because of the fear that these foods will add pounds to their physique. Dairy is a tricky issue, but what many people do not know is that you can lose weight while still enjoying dairy products.

National Dairy Month

(Pixabay / Myriams-Fotos)

Consuming dairy products that are minimally processed and low in saturated fat can be healthy and may aid in losing weight. The following are some of the dairy products that can support your dietary goals:

  • Greek yogurt – Plain, low-sugar Greek yogurt offers a good amount of protein and probiotics, which help with digestion, boost the immune system, and remove the feeling of bloating.
  • Cottage cheese – Four ounces of cottage cheese provide 14 grams of protein, which can fuel the growth of muscle and prevent the feelings of hunger or food craving. Opt for low-sodium varieties.
  • Hard cheeses – Hard cheeses, such as Parmesan, contain more protein and calcium but are lower in fat than softer cheeses. There is also less lactose content in the hard cheeses, which means that you will experience less bloating.
  • String cheese – String cheese is pre-portioned, so there is less risk of over-indulging. Eating string cheese, while restricting other calorie consumption, can help with your weight loss efforts.
  • Chocolate milk – Chocolate milk can aid with recovery after a rigorous workout. It contains more protein than regular milk or sports drinks. Drinking chocolate milk after an exhausting workout can help in muscle recovery and repair.
  • Fortified yogurt – Fortified yogurt can help you boost your intake of important nutrients. It is rich in calcium and vitamin D, which you will not get from regular yogurt. Vitamin D deficiency can contribute to weight plateau, stalling your weight loss program no matter how hard you workout.
  • Fortified milk – You lose out on some nutrients when you choose low-fat milk. Fortified milk replenishes lost nutrients, such as vitamins A and D. Increasing the intake of vitamin D can support weight loss.
  • Organic dairy – Organic dairy contains less salt and more nutrients, such as vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, and beta-carotene.

Don’t write off dairy. It tastes great, contains essential nutrients, and can be your friend in your efforts to shed unwanted pounds.