July 5 is National Workaholic Day, a day dedicated to those people who just can’t seem to break away from their work desks. Workaholics often report early to the office, work through lunch, and stay late in order to get caught up. They may hardly know what to do with themselves if they are not working.

too much Work Affect your Figure

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Work often correlates with health issues. It is estimated that more than 40 percent of people gain weight after entering the work force, and working long hours can be especially detrimental. Excessive work could lead to stress-related health problems as well as to weight gain, which could translate to other physical problems down the line.

Here are just a few reasons that people tend to gain weight on the job:

  • Wellness is not a priority of the company – Unfortunately, very few companies make their employees’ health a priority. Some progressive companies send a fitness-friendly message by encouraging employees to join gyms, with the company footing the bill, and scheduling physical activities that promote fitness. If your company is not in this group, you may have to work harder to stay in shape.
  • Frequent business trips – Work travel often leads to meals at restaurants with plenty of high-fat menu items but few healthy choices. When you feel tired and hungry due to your travels, you may have even less will power to make smart eating decisions
  • You stay late at work – When you work into the evening, you will likely eat dinner later than usual, which could hasten weight gain. Consistently eating your last meal close to bedtime can pack on extra pounds.
  • You commute by car – Commuting to work by car can lead to excess weight. Workers who walk, bike, or ride public transportation are able to exercise more and often have lower BMIs than those who drive to work.
  • You sit too much – A person with a sedentary job burns about 100 fewer calories than those who spend their working hours moving. On the average, office workers sit for more than 60 hours per week.
  • You order lunch – Take-out food is twice as likely to cause weight gain as homemade lunches. Most workers today do not bring sack lunches to work and prefer to order from the nearby take-out joints. This unhealthy fast food contributes to weight gain.
  • You take the elevator – There is nothing physically challenging about taking the elevator as compared to walking up the stairs. You can burn extra calories if you avoid the elevator.

Long hours at work can wipe out your exercise opportunities, and exercise is essential for staying in shape. When long hours cannot be avoided, you can enhance your weight management goals by taking Garcinia Clean XT, the innovative weight loss product that harnesses the fat-burning potential of Garcinia Cambogia extract.