Reducing your daily calorie intake is the key to losing weight. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done because most diets lead people to feel deprived and hungry. Dieters might lose weight for a while, but there is usually a point when the food craving is so strong that they return to their old eating habits.

Curb Appetite

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The following are some of the ways to reduce hunger and appetite:

  • Eat enough protein – Protein increases the feeling of fullness. Consuming more protein will help you feel full faster so you will stop eating.
  • Opt for fiber-rich foods – High-fiber foods will stretch the stomach, slow the rate of emptying food, and trigger the release of hormones that help you feel satiated. Also, the fermentation of fiber in the bowel adds to the feeling of fullness.
  • Pick solids over liquids – When choosing snacks, give preference to solid foods over liquids. It takes longer to chew solid foods, allowing the body more time to register that it is full.
  • Drink coffee – Coffee may boost your metabolism, ramping up the calorie-burning process. Coffee can increase the release of the hormone peptide, which is produced in the gut and curbs hunger.
  • Fill up on water – Drinking water before your meal will help you feel full so you will be less tempted to eat more. A half-liter of water is enough for the stomach to send signals to the brain that it is becoming satisfied.
  • Eat mindfully – Eating while you are multi-tasking is a dangerous activity. You may lose track of how much you have eaten because your brain is busy with something else. Focusing solely on eating will help your body realize when it has had enough to eat.
  • Spice up your meals – Capsicum in hot peppers has the ability to decrease hunger and increase the feeling of fullness. Adding a little bit of spice to your food can also help boost your metabolic process.
  • Exercise – Exercise can reduce your food cravings so you will eat less.

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