Losing weight is never easy. If it were, none of us would be overweight. People often set New Year’s resolutions to trim down, only to find themselves unsuccessful by mid-year. After that, they may lose self-confidence and willpower.

Cultivate Self-Discipline for Weight Loss

(Freeimages / Cheryl Empey)

Losing weight requires self-discipline and determination. Here are a few ways to cultivate those qualities:

  • Visit your physician for a check up – You will start your weight loss program on the right foot by consulting your doctor for a check-up. If you are at risk for any health problems, this may help motivate you to get in shape. Discuss your weight concerns with your doctor. He or she may be able to refer you to a nutritionist or dietitian who can help you draw up a healthy eating plan and check with you regularly for accountability.
  • Set your goal – Set your weight loss goal and post reminders in visible places. If your aim is to lose 15 pounds, write it down on paper along with milestones you want to reach along the way. Then, put motivational sticky notes in places you will see them—on the treadmill, on your bathroom mirror, on your car steering wheel. Little motivators like these can pump up your resolve to reach your overall goal.
  • Draw up your exercise plan – Instead of just telling yourself that you need to exercise, draw up a clear plan. Do not include tasks that will prove impossible. Instead, lay out a dynamic plan with moderate intensity. Mix it up regularly to add variety and fun.
  • Declare your intentions publicly – Announce your decision to lose weight in public—such as on social media networks or when you are in the company of friends. When you enlist your friends in your quest, they can help keep you motivated.
  • Compete with someone – Challenge a friend or family member to a weight loss contest. Establish a reward for the winner.
  • Commit to at few minutes of exercise each day – You need not be a gym member to lose weight. Spending just 15 to 30 minutes a day exercising at home is a great way to get started. Even short spurts of exercise performed with regularity can add up to big weight loss.
  • Consult a therapist if you have trouble sticking to your weight management goals – You may not be losing weight because of some unresolved psychological issues that are holding you back. Get help to remove mental barriers to weight loss.

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